What to do in Barcelona

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Beautiful Castles in Europe: Carcassonne

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Curious Facts about Italy

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Best Places to Travel in March

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Tour Around Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, an awesome city which has a lot to offer, museums, musicals, concerts, great food, modern markets and art nouveau buildings are just some of the sights that… Continue reading

Incredible Sights: The Colosseum

Today, we star a new section, which is mean to be the most interesting one for those who like history and I haven´t found better building to speak about than “The Colosseum”. Visiting… Continue reading

What to do in London

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Curious facts about New York City

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Mountains of Andorra

On my last trip to Andorra I found out about the awesome mountains and landscapes that they have there… Maybe, some of you already know that one of the highest mountain of Europe… Continue reading

Beautiful Castles in Europe: Xativa Castle

It´s not needed to be cinderella to visit a beautiful castle in Spain, nevertheless many of Spaniards don´t realize that we have plenty of stunning castles that we can visit just one hour… Continue reading