Beautiful Castles in Europe: Xativa Castle

It´s not needed to be cinderella to visit a beautiful castle in Spain, nevertheless many of Spaniards don´t realize that we have plenty of stunning castles that we can visit just one hour or two from home. That´s the case with Xativa Castle, it only takes 45 minutes from Valencia to get there and I never had been there before.

Do you want to explore it?? Let´s go!



It would be really handy to visit it by car because it´s on the top of a mountain, but don´t panic

 if you don´t have one, you can get the top of the mountain by train, you only have to go to “Xativa´s tourism info office” to buy the tickets (visit their web  HERE).

The castle has been refurbished many times and you can tell it because there are different architecture styles on it. It was initially built by the Iberians, but Romans used it too,

maybe that´s the reason because it has two areas, “the minor castle” which is the oldest part and “the major castle” which is the newest one.



It´s really fun to go from one side to the other and explore it, keep in mind that you have to walk a lot, so take a comfortable shoes with you .

There are many beautiful details, although a big part of the castle was destroyed by a earthquake..


The stunning views are a bonus…

I love the fact that we were able to learn some history at the same time that we enjoyed the fresh air and nature, yeah!

And you? Which is your favorite castle in Spain?

Buen Viaje!