Mountains of Andorra


On my last trip to Andorra I found out about the awesome mountains and landscapes that they have there…

Maybe, some of you already know that one of the highest mountain of Europe is in Andorra, it´s called “Coma Pedrosa” and it´s really popular among mountain climbers…

Since we are not climbers we were pleased enough with a less high mountain, so we thought that we should visit an iconic viewpoint in Canillo called “Mirador Roc del Quer”,

Canillo is  a village near “Andorra la Vella” and its viewpoint allows you to feel how it´s to be suspended 500 metros above the ground, just awesome!


It´s pretty awesome to feel the abyss under your feet and be able to see that stunning views at the same time! But please, judge for yourself how magnificent nature can be!

Also, you can enjoy the sculpture called “the thinker”, located on the edge  of the platform.



I have to admit that at first I felt a little bit dizzy but the excitement is always biggest than the fear when I´m about to experiment something new, so I spent a good time enjoying the views. In adition, the platform has some crystals on the ground so you can see how high you are, just incredible!


And what about you?

Do you like heights? or do you prefer to be rooted to the ground?

Either way I´m pretty sure that you would enjoy the views!

Buen viaje