Curious facts about New York City


When you travel to the USA from Europe, there are many things which are totally different and today I want to share with you those which turned out to be really curious for me.

Although we see many of these things on TV you never know which are true or false until you get to the big apple, so let´s go to find them out!



There are tons of churches in the city, actually, it is said that you can find over 500 in Manhattan.

Since is really tricky  to count them you can see some examples while walking through the 5th avenue, also it is so interesting to observe the contrast between the new buildings and the conservative designs of the churches.

The religious diversity is fact and you will notice it



We are used to hearing that the great fortunes are in Manhattan and you will realized it when walking around the city. Nowadays Donald Trump is really famous and you will notice that he is really rich too… In Manhattan you will see huge buildings which belong to one person or a family, so crazy!


Free ferry to Staten Island:

Keep in mind that not everybody is rich in Manhattan, actually you will see many middle-low class workers which can´t afford to live in Manhattan and travel everyday to their houses by ferry. And that´s one of the free things to do in NYC, you will see the beautiful skyline that we have seen hundred of times on TV, it´s so unique!


Suggested Admission:

Not everybody knows that in NYC there are many museums where you can pay the price that you consider the best, The natural history museum offer their tickets from 22$, but if you prefer to pay less you only have to ask for it at any ticket counter in the museum.


Crazy Sights where take a picture is almost impossible:

Some points of the city are plenty of tourist where is almost impossible to take a good picture… Some of them are the bull of Wall Street, The imagine spot in central park, the stairs of Times Square or any spot on Grand Central Station… You will need many tries to catch the perfect picture so be patience!


I would say that this picture worth a mint!

And you?? Do you have any invaluable picture in your collection??

Have a nice trip!