What to do in London


London is a really unique city.

Most of the trends that we follow worldwide have their origins in London, so be prepare to see different and original outfits and to try new and exotic food, because in London coexist more than 200 nationalities.

You could spend a whole week in London and it will be impossible to see the main sights os the city, so I´m going to sum up my favorite spots in the city.


Tower Bridge

One of the most famous bridges around the world is the Tower Bridge, is was built in 1886 and it has become an iconic symbol of London, although it is a suspension bridge it opens to let pass the tall ships and also you can climb to one of the towers and walk over the top through a glass floor, read more about it HERE.


Museums and department stores

Two of the most interesting museums that I´ve ever visited are British Museum and Natural History Museum and both are free, you can donate some money to preserve them and I´m pretty sure that you will do it.

But after a day surround it by a lot of culture maybe you would like to treat yourself a little and Harrods is the perfect store to do that, it´s the biggest department store that I´ve visited and they have many theme rooms where you can buy exotic food, awesome!


Candem Town and its shops

A really unique spot in the city is “Candem Town”. When you visit it you will see the most incredible shops ever, the walls are plenty of art as you can see in the image above. Also you will find many kinds of food from Thai to Italian or Chinese, all of them pretty good.

But please, be sure at some point of your trip to visit a British Pub and taste a sausage dish with mashed potatoes, so yummy!


St. Paul´s Cathedral

Since Mary Poppins was my favorite movie when I was a child St Paul´s Cathedral was a really awaited location for me, I could imagine the “Bird Woman” who feed the pigeons on the stair of the cathedral.

If you visit it you could take advantage of your location and take a walk around “the city” which is how the Londoners called the center of the city.


Big Ben and Westminster Abbey

The most historical building in London is waiting for you and although it looks small at first, you have to know that for my understanding , the big ben is the biggest four faces clock on the world.

While you are there be sure to cross the bridge to find beautiful locations to take pictures as we did.


These are some of my favorite locations, but there are any others, like portobello market, Lego shop, Old spitafields vintage markets….. the list is endless!

What are your favorite spots in London??

Have a nice trip!