Incredible Sights: The Colosseum


Today, we star a new section, which is mean to be the most interesting one for those who like history and I haven´t found better building to speak about than “The Colosseum”.

Visiting the colosseum has changed my mind.  Before, I had an idea of how it could be, because many films show how Romans enjoyed their gladiators events in it, but when I saw it in person I could imagine how amazing it was.

I´m pretty sure that a lot of my readers have been there but for those who haven´t, I´m going to tell you a little bit of the history of this huge monument.



At first, Romans created an artificial lake on a Valley where is situated the colosseum currently. Romans wanted to get advantage of that lake and they organized some ships shows.

After some time doing that, they thought that it would be so practical to build an amphitheater around it. Obviously, it wasn´t as big as the Colosseum.

The time went by and when Vespasian ruled,he decided to built the current Coloseum that we know today.

 Actually, it was magnificent in that time, since today we only are able to see a part of it.

I could imagine all the people watching the shows and how poor people was on the top of the building and the powerful ones had the best sits.

In that time, the building was cover with marble and embellished with woods, but Romans used that materials to build other things when it was necessary.



Definitely, this building is a “must” when you are visiting Rome, however sometimes is difficult the access because at the moment that we are there, they may not have a guide avaliable in your language, so I definitely recommend you to buy in advance the tickets or at least check out the timetables HERE

I would say that the earlier you get The Colosseum, the better, if you have an appointment you don´t have nothing to worry about. Also is so beautiful to see it at night, if you are looking for a good picture this would be the perfect time, since during the days there are tons of tourist. Check my night tour around Rome HERE.


Have you visited this beautiful building??

Which time is your favorite to visit it??

Buon Viaggio!