Best Places to Travel in March


If you are looking for some inspiration this is for you. Usually I prefer to travel in the warmer months, so I´m looking forward to my next trip in March. I´m not quite sure about what destiny I should choose so maybe you could help me with that.

Segovia (Spain)

Since I´m really into European Castles, I´ve been dying to know the beautiful Alcazar. Also, it has become a popular destiny on Instagram and it make me more eager to visit it. In addition to this beautiful castle Segovia has many things to offer, they have the most incredible aqueduct that I´ve ever seen, a stunning Cathedral and the most amazing food ever. In March the weather is still a little cold but it worth it. You can find more information about Segovia HERE.


Positano (Italy)

Italy is my second home and when you know it really well it´s difficult to choose just one location, Rome, Venice or Florence are incredible cities, but this little town on the Amalfi Coast stole my heart two years ago. Positano is really popular nowadays so you can imagine how could be to visit it during the summer, every restaurant is crowed and you can spend many hours stuck in traffic, but that´s not a problem when you visit the area in spring, temperatures are reasonable and lemons and flowers are all over the town. I recommended you to visit the area in previous post, you can read them HERE, HERE and HERE.


Valencia (Spain)

My beloved city is the perfect place to visit when the weather becomes warmer, it offers you the contrast of the  incredible architecture of Calatrava with the Art Nouveau of the center of the city. This year from the 15th to the 19th of March we are celebrating “The Fallas” an incredible celebration plenty of monuments which criticizes the life in Spain, they will be burned the last day of the celebrations. Learn more about it HERE. Also it will be helpful to know that it´s really easy to move around the city by bike so be prepared to move your legs! You can see Valencia´s Port HERE.




The city of love is waiting for you, there are tons of things to do and many monuments to visit in Paris, from Montmatre, to Notre Damme not to mention The Eiffel Tower.

I told you about the city in a previous post too, because I spent the most amazing three days in the city of love and I really enjoyed everything about it, check it out, HERE.

And what about you my dear travelers?? What are your favorite places to travel in March?

Let me know your thoughts and have a nice trip!