Curious Facts about Italy


I´ve been traveling to Italy every two years lately and it has stole my heart. It feels like home because of the lovely weather and the nice people. During my trips I have learn many things and today I want to share with you some of them.


Italy is plenty of lakes, mainly because it rains a lot there, unlike Spain those lakes are natural and they are used to spend the holidays by the locals. Here in Spain we have reservoirs that we use to swim and fish but they are artificial.

The lake that you are seeing in the image above is “Albano Lake”, it´s really close to Castel Gandolfo which is the summer house of the pope and I will write more about very soon.


Ice creams are to die for, Italians make the best and they are available anytime of the year, be prepare to taste flavors like “Kinder” “Pistachio” or “Nutella” , please don´t skip the dessert.



Keep in mind that Italy is equally stunning than crowded, it´s difficult to visit the main sights without 100 tourist around you, even at night there are people all over. I saw once the Colosseum without tourist and it was at morning time, 7 am exactly, so consider to wake up really early if you want to take a really good picture.


The Italian men are really different from what I know, they like clothes as much as many women and they love to go to the barber on Saturdays, also you will see how they give two kisses to their mates when they bump into each other. Many older men love to dress with really bright colors, but always in their suits and ties.


What?? Only for taking a seat in a restaurant you have to pay the coperto tax (usually between 3 and 4 euros), also you have to pay a tax when sleeping on a hotel (less than 2€).



I don´t know how to express the quantity and quality of heritage of Italy. They have everything that you can imagine and in some cases they have it in really good condition, I would like to stand out “Pompei Ruins” the most incredible Roman town that I´ve ever seen.


If you like the Italian Gelatto you have to try their coffee too, but you have to know that Italians usually drink 4 or 5 coffees in one day but it has to be ristretto which means really really short coffee, you will see tiny coffee shops without tables or seats just to have a shot of coffee and then they continue with their tasks.

I could be writing for hours, but I prefer to save some of my curious facts for another post.

I hope that you enjoy reading my thought and Buon Viaggio!