Beautiful Castles in Europe: Carcassonne


Lately, I´m really into exploring beautiful Castles, I really enjoy when I find out new pointed towers and walk through stone tracks… For some unexplained reason I´m in love with middle ages, it´s possible that the reason why I love it so much will be the architecture since I found it really romantic. As many of you know those times where a tough period for middle and lower classes, however they managed to leave us such an incredible architecture.



Today we are doing a mini tour through Carcassonne, the most beautiful medieval city that I´ve seen in my entire life…

This city is well preserved and plenty of interesting things to see, “The Chateau” is a must when you visit Carcassonne and it will give you a collection of impressive views, as you can see above and bellow (it´s free on the first Sunday of every month). In addition they have a really huge collection of sculptures inside of the building…



Don´t forget to visit the cathedral which is really impressive too, it is similar to Notre-drame Cathedral the most famous medieval cathedral which inspired the rest. If you hire a local guide he/she will tell you many legends about troubadours and Lady Carcass who is really popular there…



And don´t miss the Citadel views, it worth the effort of find them both day and night.

And you? Which is your favorite castle?

Bon Voyage!