About Me

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Hi everybody!
I´m Leticia, a Spanish girl who is currently living in Valencia (Spain), which is a lovely city to live in. Here we have plenty of sun all year long, nice beaches and tasty food, so it´s a good place to visit too.
I´m not a crazy traveler but I like adventure as much as I like to share my stories with my friends and family. I have always been that kind of person who has something funny to tell and who likes exploring and having new experiences, so that´s what you are going to find here: Funny stories about my travels, besides helpful tips, in addition of some nice pictures that I take during my trips.
Not all of my destinations are far away home, I like to explore nearby too and I´m pretty sure that you can find it interesting too.
All of you are welcomed and I hope that you like my site.


If you are interested  in contact me, send me an email to: