How to find cheap restaurants while traveling

During my first trips something that I found really difficult was to find cheap restaurant to try local food, so most of my trips I only ate burguers, sandwiches and salads, so sad! But… Continue reading

Best places to travel in November

Although November is still autumn, it could be a little bit cold in some countries. I don´t know about you, but I really like that feeling of the first cold days after a summer… Continue reading

The most Beautiful Historical Buildings in Europe

As many of you already know, we have plenty of historical buildings here in Europe. Today I want to show you the ones that I found the most beautiful; that kind of monument that… Continue reading

Stunning sunset near Rome

It´s common knowledge that italy has amazing beaches to enjoy, but today I want to share with you an amazing emplacement that I discovered on my last trip. It´s called Fondi and it… Continue reading

Three days in Paris

Paris was one of my first trips abroad and I visited it in Autumn, so I think that now is the best moment to share this guide with you. As many of you… Continue reading

One day in Karlstein

I´m pretty sure that many of you don´t know where Karlstein is, and that was my case a few month ago, but when you visit Prague there are many great locations one or… Continue reading

One night in Rome

I love taking pictures of my favorite cities at night and I reckon that they look even more beautiful. Everything it´s calmer and sometimes if you are lucky enough you won´t find traffic… Continue reading

Autumn in Madrid

I find that Autumn is a really nice season to travel, and Madrid has the perfect spot to visit when the leaves of the trees become brown… As many of you already know,… Continue reading

Quick guide to Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, is one of the Canary Islands which are situated on the Atlantic Ocean in front of Marruecos. Although they are in the middle of the  Ocean the weather is always warm and… Continue reading

Jandía Nature Reserve

Jandía Nature Reserve is on the South-West of Fuerteventura Island. To get there you only have to drive by FV-2 highway until it ends and after that, you should follow the indications. Our… Continue reading